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The Party's Over: GH

Never let it be said that Sonny Corinthos doesn't know how to throw a party. Moments after Claudia's birthday party got underway, Sonny made the announcement that Claudia was the one responsible for Michael's shooting. And as shocking as this was to hear, it doesn't compare to how shocked I was by Sonny's sudden perceptiveness. For someone who has been so utterly clueless for so long, Sonny certainly gained a lot of clarity in just a few short moments. Perhaps he had a little of whatever Lulu had a few days ago when she figured out that Dante is a cop. Honestly I don't care what it was that caused Sonny to finally see things so clearly, I am just glad that he was able to expose Jax in the process, and that Carly was around to hear it. It was about time she found out that Jax knew about Jerry's involvement in Michael's shooting, I just never expected Sonny to be the one to finally give her this information. Then again I never expected that Sonny would figure out the real reason Claudia got pregnant. If he figures out what she did to ensure that pregnancy I will really be impressed.

Claudia, of course, tried to deny Sonny's allegations, unaware that he had proof of her guilt, but it quickly became apparent that Sonny was not going to believe any more of her lies. This caused Johnny to step forward and claim full responsibility. Unfortunately for Claudia his efforts only made Sonny turn away from her long enough to tell Johnny he didn't believe him. This is quite a change from the Sonny who would believe Claudia over any evidence that was placed in front of him. He even ordered Max and Milo to take Claudia away, but before they could do anything she pulled out her gun and took Carly hostage, causing her to go into labor. Of course Jax blamed Sonny for the whole fiasco. Never mind the fact that if Jax had told the truth months ago, instead of trying to cover it up, Carly would not be in this predicament. All this time Jax has been so worried about telling Carly the truth because of her high-risk pregnancy, now Claudia has taken her hostage, in part, because he hid that truth. Well Jax, she certainly is much safer now, isn't she? Of course I never really believed Jax's reasons for not telling Carly about Jerry's involvement in the shooting. The real motivating factor behind all the secrecy was protecting Jerry from Sonny and Jason. In fact Jerry may be the one person that Jax cares about more than himself. This becomes clear every time Jax not only protects Jerry, but disregards Carly's kids as nothing more than extensions of Sonny. This is something he will have to work on once Carly is found.

Ultimately, finding Carly may prove easier said than done considering that Claudia took her hostage in a rental car that everyone had a difficult time describing. Of course Carly tried to get the situation under control herself as best she could, what with being in labor and all. She tried to convince Claudia to let her go, telling her that Sonny and Jason couldn't possibly kill her because everyone at the party would automatically know who was responsible. And while that's all very logical, the mayor happened to be at this party too and I didn't see him making any moves to get the situation under control before Max and Milo tried to take Claudia away. Then again, why would he? Sonny funds his election campaigns.

Eventually Carly stopped trying to convince Claudia to let her go and just resorted to grabbing the wheel and running the car off the road. I have to say this was not Carly's brightest moment. I know she didn't have a lot of options considering that Claudia presented such a threat to her and the baby, but I do not see how a potentially fatal car crash could improve that situation. After all Carly wasn't even buckled, which would have greatly reduced her chances of surviving a wreck. Furthermore since she and Claudia did wreck, and appear to be unconscious, this is likely to make a rescue attempt that much more difficult.

With all the drama surrounding Carly being taken hostage, it may have been easy to overlook the significance of Kristina's presence at the party. Obviously Sonny did not know Kristina was there. She stayed pretty well hidden because Alexis had forbidden her from attending. However, I'm sure Kristina now regrets the decision to go to the party anyway, considering how upset she became after witnessing Sonny's behavior toward Claudia. Imagine how confusing that must have been for her to see her own father call his wife names in the middle of a crowded room. Not that Claudia didn't deserve it, but given Sonny's abusive tone how can Kristina possibly make the distinction between Sonny and Kiefer? Kristina may very well begin to think that if it is justifiable for her own father to talk that way to a woman and make threats against her, then Kiefer must be justified in treating her the same way. These are questions she is likely to present to Sonny at some point, and I really hope she does because it will be interesting to see how he handles that.


  1. Very interesting! I hadn't thought about the whole Sonny/Kiefer dynamic. It's funny, when Sonny yells at a woman I think "you go Sonny"! But when Kiefer does it to Kristina I want to scratch his eyes out! I guess we know where my loyalty lies. lol....good recap! Can't wait until next week! It's been so long since I have wished a weekend to go by fast just so I can see Monday's GH. :)

  2. Hi FutureTeach11!

    I can't wait to see what happens next week either! Monday can't get here fast enough! :) You are right, usually when Sonny yells at a woman I am all for it, but usually that woman is someone like Claudia who has done something horrible.It wasn't really until yesterday's episode that I saw things the way Kristina must have seen them. And I think that would be interesting to explore that at some point. Happy Halloween!


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