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Playing With Fire: GH

On Wednesday's General Hospital, Johnny continued to try to intimidate Claudia into telling him what she did to make Olivia break up with him. And of course Claudia played the victim and pretended not to know what he was talking about. She even won a little sympathy from Dante who told Johnny to back off at the exact moment Johnny began alluding to her involvement in Michael's shooting. Perhaps if Dante talked less and listened more he would be a little better at his job. He could learn a lot by simply observing and reading between the lines. Then Ronnie would not be asking him to wear a wire to gather information, something that will undoubtedly put him in greater danger.

When Johnny finally realized that Claudia was not going to admit any wrongdoing, he went to Olivia's to make one last attempt at convincing her tell him what Claudia had done. Johnny's efforts proved futile once again, as Olivia insisted that she was breaking up with him because she was in love with Sonny. Johnny then left, heart-broken and a little maddened by the events that had just transpired. At that same moment Olivia received a call from Claudia instructing her to book a hotel suite under an assumed name. Obviously this order is going to fall in with Claudia's plan to seduce Dante in order to get pregnant. I just wish Olivia would realize that Claudia is not going to let her off the hook now that she has broken up with Johnny. She had to know that request was a little too simplistic for the type of information Claudia has on her. Perhaps if she stopped listening to Jax for a few seconds she would follow her instincts and tell Jason about the role Claudia played in Michael's shooting. She might also realize that the only reason Jax does not want her to divulge this information is because he does not want Carly to know that he has been keeping this from her in order to protect Jerry.

Meanwhile, Michael continues to twist himself into knots over the memory flashes that Jax convinced him not to talk to Carly about. However, keeping this secret only seems to be making Michael's episodes of rage harder to suppress. This was made evident when Kiefer showed up at Michael's house to pick up Kristina and Molly, and Michael started punching him. Michael's rage may be out of control, but no one can say it does not serve a purpose. Although I am sure Alexis would disagree with that assessment as she continues to make herself look ridiculous with all of her warnings to Kristina about Michael, despite Kiefer's behavior. Of all people Alexis should know what a horrible judge of character she is. Her dating history alone speaks for itself. Alexis just cannot see past Kiefer's charm and social status or the fact that he has plans to go to an expensive college. Given all of this, is it any wonder that Alexis is being forced to do pro bono work?


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