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My Antonio: Recap for October 4th

On Sunday's My Antonio, Antonio became worried that Tully would leave so he took her out on a shoe shopping date without her even having to win a challenge. This makes me think that Antonio has already made his choice and that he is just biding his time with the other women until the end of the show. In fact, I think he made his decision the moment he agreed to let Tully stay in Hawaii. Then again, this is a "reality" show and I find it really hard to believe that Tully's appearance was a surprise to anyone, let alone Antonio. Regardless of whether Tully's presence on the show was planned or not, she and Antonio seem to be growing a lot closer. Antonio even surprised her with a present on their date, a necklace with a foot-shaped charm attached to it. Yes, here we go again with Antonio's foot obsession. I think this show could have ended weeks ago if Antonio had just instructed the women to take off their shoes. Then he could have picked out which pair of feet he liked the most and we could all get on with our lives.

After Antonio and Tully's foot inspired date, Antonio decided to take all the women out on a boat ride. While out on the ocean Antonio told them that they had to climb inside the life rafts and row themselves ashore, where they would receive the instructions for their next challenge. After they reached land they had to dig up a treasure chest containing these instructions. The first thing they discovered was that they would have to stay on the island for 24 hours. I think this was by far one of the smartest things Antonio has done since this show began. If I had to be around some of these women I know I would want to leave them stranded on an island too! Of course Antonio did not want to leave them stranded for long, just long enough to see how well they could manage. He also wanted to make sure that they did not somehow forget about him while they were there, so their first challenge was to spell out his name in the sand. They also had to build a fire, make their own clothes, and build a shelter. These women never cease to amaze me with the lengths they will go to get his attention. Fortunately for them they did not have to do these kinds of things all night because as it turned out Antonio missed their attention too, so he rescued them and took them back to civilization.

The next day Antonio told Brooke that she had won the island challenge, earning herself a spa date with him. Prior to this date, a jealous Tania decided to have a talk with Antonio about the fact that she was not receiving the attention that some of the other women were. She even managed to turn on some Tully-style waterworks. As a result Antonio consoled her and allowed her to kiss him, but alas, no foot-charmed necklace for her. For all of her efforts, Tania failed to even receive an impromptu date. That was probably just as well though because I doubt she would have been satisfied with a shopping trip after hearing about Brooke's spa date, where Antonio acted as Brooke's masseuse.

After Brooke's massage, she told Antonio that she was concerned about the fact that he was in a profession that had a tendency to be unstable. This revelation seemed to bother Antonio quite a bit because he even brought it up later on during the elimination. Antonio implied that he was bothered by this because of compatibility issues, but I have to wonder if Brooke's admission just bruised his ego a bit, considering that the rest of the women are so obviously impressed by his star status. If his ego was bruised, I am sure it quickly recovered during the elimination, as the women were told that they had to literally walk through fire for him or go home. This came in the form of hot coals that the women had to walk across. Antonio even provided the incentive by standing at the end of the fiery coals, giving the women something to focus on as they risked injury to his favorite body part. Surprisingly enough all the women were able to complete this challenge quite easily. Of course this meant that the women were going to have to be subjected to a question and answer session to determine who was going home. At the end of this session, Tania and Christi were the only two left standing, and ultimately Tania was sent home.


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